I’m here to help you & your pet build a great new relationship, founded on understanding, trust, and respect.

Do you need to get your new puppy started off on the right paw? Or could you just use a helping hand in solving your most frustrating training dilemnas, such as...

Crate training
Jumping up

Chewing furniture
Escaping the yard
Chasing smaller pets

...Or any other inappropriate behaviors?

Together, we will tackle these discouraging issues, while giving you the skills to prevent future bad habits. My training methods will teach you to communicate with your dog clearly and effectively, as you gain understanding of your dog's behavior!

Whether your goals are just to have a well-behaved family pet; or you wish to move on to obedience, therapy work, or agility, I can help you get there!

All techniques are positive-based, dog-friendly, and best of all...

They are easy for you, easy for your dog, and produce lasting results!

What Do Clients Have to Say?

“Good pace, helpful skills! Amanda took the time to help with individual issues.” -Jessica S.

“Amanda was amazing! She helped us work through a lot of issues! Great attitude, many pointers. Always welcomed more questions.”
-James & Laura C.

“I liked these sessions a lot. Amanda was very knowledgeable and a great teacher.” -Patty R.

“My dog has improved dramatically! Very good training!” -Helen K.

“Amanda is knowledgeable, patient, and nicely tailors the classes to the individual dogs. We had a great time! Thanks!” -Alison C.

“Amanda emphasized perseverance and encouragement, and practice!
We enjoyed it and learned a lot!” -Steve and Angel L.

“Amanda is great - very caring for parent and dog - takes it step-by-step!" -Sue S.

“Amanda was able to keep all people and dogs engaged in class, even with tons of distractions! We will be back!” -JC F.

“We liked it all, especially Amanda and her methods. We had a great time - would do it again!” -Karen P.

“I liked Amanda's thorough and calm attitude with my dog. I have already recommended her classes to others." -Darlene B.

"Great solutions to difficult situations! Really enjoyed working with Amanda and have recommended her to many others." -Steph M.

“Great experience overall, with a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher!” -Susan & Michael P.